Sage Hand-Dipped Incense

Bundle Size:
Bundle of freshly dipped incense sticks

These 100% natural bamboo incense sticks are charcoal free. All of our incense is dipped, counted, and inspected for quality by hand.

Only the highest-quality scents are used, together with a proprietary ingredient that keeps the aroma fresher for longer. 

Sage (Healing): A herbal and woody scent. This earthy aroma will refresh your spirit and help you stay focused on the task at hand.

For years, Native Americans have relied on the purifying powers of sage. It is an important part of many sacred rituals. In keeping with that tradition, you can use this Sage Incense to rejuvenate and cleanse your space. You will be able to sense the dispersal of any negative energy as you light the incense and the unique smoke fills the air. It takes the weight of negativity off your shoulders and relaxes your mind.

Burn time is approximately 1 hour
Length: 11 inches

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