Black Love Hand-Dipped Incense

Bundle Size:
Bundle of freshly dipped incense sticks

These 100% natural bamboo incense sticks are charcoal free. All of our incense is dipped, counted, and inspected for quality by hand.

Only the highest-quality scents are used, together with a proprietary ingredient that keeps the aroma fresher for longer. 

Black Love (Clarity): This scent has a strong and energizing smell that will energize and revitalize you. It has a sweet, flowery aroma with earthy and fruity undertones, with notes of black violet, pomegranate, black orchid, mahogany wood, persimmon, and lotus blossom.

It can be used as aromatherapy to help you relax, improve your mood, and feel more energized. With black love incense, give in to your deepest desires. It will help you rekindle your relationship's passion and romance.

Burn time is approximately 1 hour
Length: 11 inches

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